Fist Pumps by Naoto Suenaga

Nori Yaro posted up a video of the legendary Naoto Suenaga just slaughtering Higashi Course at Ebisu Circuit in his missile car (not unlike the beat up heaps we take to the track, eh?).

After watching it, watch again and Look for bicep pumpin’ fist pump goodness at 1:45 backed up by a backwards entry at 3:20 followed by yet another victory fist pump. C’mon, the feels don’t get any better than that!

Only 10 years ago…

Time flies.

Most of the time I feel like a kid that will never grow up, walk like a pimp with a limp and a tilted brim…you know!

But sometimes I look in the mirror and it’s easy to pick out the small wrinkles (the big ones too), grey hairs and the sorry physical state that reminds me – that time isn’t on my side.  Time goes faster, technology is moving at a quicker pace than ever before and before you know it, babies grow up knowing a lot more than you ever knew.  Imagine, we used to (and still) can think back fondly at our parents who cannot figure out how to record something on the cable box, or even use the remote control, perhaps figuring out quantum physics and manipulating god particles (Higgs boson) at will, be an everyday thing for our future children and they’ll think of how funny it is that we can’t do that.  I can go on friggin’ crazy tangents if you let me, but I digress, this is proof that all around you is what you make it, collaborate with bright, motivated people and believe that it all can manifest GOOD.  You dig?

I think Louis Armstrong sang it best… “What a wonderful world”.  It’s almost a tragic song, because to think of it, time on this plane of existence is limited, and in a romantically tragic way, it will perpetuate onwards and even though it’s not perfect, the singer, who has now passed, would’ve thought it to be be nice to see what could have become of his beautiful interaction with the world.

I wear glasses, and even though they’re clear, you could swear that they were “rose-coloured” somtimes.

With that said, it took this long to finally put things in place, let’s not waste time embellishing facts let’s establish fresh, raw, funky, dope shit that makes you wanna stomp yo’ feet and yell at the top of your lungs.

It’s just time to party.

Facebook Group and Wayback Machine!

I’ve added a Facebook group here:

In the coming weeks I’ll be defining what the Driftstar Brand/Name is all about but in the meantime, I’ve been playing around with Waybackmachine and it’s been a lot of fun finding old remnants of the old site before it was taken over.

Here are some cool pictures and elements that I could find. Some of the galleries are still archived and I’ll be perusing them at a later point and looking for pics of old and new friends from the 1999-2005 era.

Update: My AE86 the Shakotan monster drift car gets some boso flares and wheels that barely fit

15×9.5 -19 offset up front with Dunlop Direzza Stars 205/50/15 and 15×10 -25 offset BFG 215/50/15 in the back, I was adamant about making them fit under a “stock-ish” looking body.  At first we thought pulling and stretching the metal arches could’ve worked, but resolved to use fibreglass Jubride flares.  Not about half-stepping, I decided to outdo my expectations and make metal fender guards with the help of my pal, Dan.  More updates to come!

metal flares for AE86
I’m pretty proud of my cutting, and smoothing skills. I’ve gotta give it up for Dan for doing the sick welding.


that fitment is crazy


The 2013 Drifting season is upon us! Turn up the heat!

These are the dates I have so far for the combined CSCS/DMCC/TOPP Drift events.  If you have events you would like posted here, just get in touch!
  • April 14 – TOPP Drift For Kids at Shannonville
  • May 4 TOPP Drift Shannonville
  • May 20 TOPP Drift Shannonville
  • June 1 & 2 Round 1 DMCC Autodrome Montmagny (PRO + PROAM)
  • June 2 CSCS Round 1 Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga
  • June 23 CSCS Round 2 Grand Bend Motorplex
  • June 29 Round 2 DMCC Autodrome St-Eustache – Evening (PRO + PROAM)
  • July 1 TOPP Drift Shannonville
  • July 6 & 7 Round 3 DMCC Circuit Riverside Speedway (PRO + PROAM)
  • July 12-13 Slide Open at ICAR
  • July 20 & 21Round 4 DMCC Victoriaville (PRO + PROAM)
  • July 28 – CSCS Round 3 Mosport DDT
  • August 3-4 Maple Leaf Bash at St. Eustache
  • August 5 TOPP Drift Shannonville
  • August 10 Round 5 DMCC – Circuit Riverside Speedway  (PRO ONLY)
  • August 17 Round 6 DMCC – Autodrome Montmagny – (PRO + PROAM)
  • August 18 Round 4 CSCS Toronto Motorsports Park
  • September 1 & 2 Round 7 DMCC – Autodrome St-Eustache – Labour Day (PRO + PROAM)
  • September 12 Round 8 DMCC – Sanair, St-Pie – TOP 32 (COMBINED PRO + PRO AM)
  • Sept 22 Round 5 CSCS – Season Finale at TMP
  • October 7 – TOPP Drift Shannonville