Update: My AE86 the Shakotan monster drift car gets some boso flares and wheels that barely fit

15×9.5 -19 offset up front with Dunlop Direzza Stars 205/50/15 and 15×10 -25 offset BFG 215/50/15 in the back, I was adamant about making them fit under a “stock-ish” looking body.  At first we thought pulling and stretching the metal arches could’ve worked, but resolved to use fibreglass Jubride flares.  Not about half-stepping, I decided to outdo my expectations and make metal fender guards with the help of my pal, Dan.  More updates to come!

metal flares for AE86
I’m pretty proud of my cutting, and smoothing skills. I’ve gotta give it up for Dan for doing the sick welding.


that fitment is crazy


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