Only 10 years ago…

Time flies.

Most of the time I feel like a kid that will never grow up, walk like a pimp with a limp and a tilted brim…you know!

But sometimes I look in the mirror and it’s easy to pick out the small wrinkles (the big ones too), grey hairs and the sorry physical state that reminds me – that time isn’t on my side.  Time goes faster, technology is moving at a quicker pace than ever before and before you know it, babies grow up knowing a lot more than you ever knew.  Imagine, we used to (and still) can think back fondly at our parents who cannot figure out how to record something on the cable box, or even use the remote control, perhaps figuring out quantum physics and manipulating god particles (Higgs boson) at will, be an everyday thing for our future children and they’ll think of how funny it is that we can’t do that.  I can go on friggin’ crazy tangents if you let me, but I digress, this is proof that all around you is what you make it, collaborate with bright, motivated people and believe that it all can manifest GOOD.  You dig?

I think Louis Armstrong sang it best… “What a wonderful world”.  It’s almost a tragic song, because to think of it, time on this plane of existence is limited, and in a romantically tragic way, it will perpetuate onwards and even though it’s not perfect, the singer, who has now passed, would’ve thought it to be be nice to see what could have become of his beautiful interaction with the world.

I wear glasses, and even though they’re clear, you could swear that they were “rose-coloured” somtimes.

With that said, it took this long to finally put things in place, let’s not waste time embellishing facts let’s establish fresh, raw, funky, dope shit that makes you wanna stomp yo’ feet and yell at the top of your lungs.

It’s just time to party.